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老いも若きも、様々なジャンルでご活躍されている お下品・不健全・破壊的な皆様。

そんな半狂乱な皆様に超一流の自己満足を という想いで





カミカゼアタック それは愛。

カミカゼアタック それは勇気。

カミカゼアタック それはファンタジー。


In1995, every f***ing thing began with one crazy guy.
Ladies and gentleman, old and young, all the vulgar, unhealthy, devastating, earth-friendly people!
Our sophisticated products will provide super luxurious self-satisfaction for such first-class frantic blokes.
Our Mach items will stimulate your brain and bring you to ecstasy.
Our dramatic products may stick in your bloody heart.
The details of our products are so sexy that you might get knocked out in the first round.
Kamikaze Attack, Yes! It’s love.
Kamikaze Attack, Yes! It’s gutsy.
Kamikaze Attack, Yes! It’s a living fantasy.
You can enjoy a jaw-dropping scenario that will have the U.S. crying out in hysteria!
Nay! The entire world!
Never come alone!



金澤 憲彦

Banzaiteikoku Co.,Ltd  KAMIKAZE ATTACK Head Office
2-2-66 KojimaAjino Kurashiki 711-0913 Okayama Japan
Director: Norihiko Kanazawa
TEL: +81 86 441 2304

1995年 高架下に、オンボロの貨物用コンテナ1基を無理矢理設置し TATTOOスタジオ兼、服屋『WIRE』としてうっかり始まってしまった。


数年後。そろそろ引越し!名前も飽きた!という金澤の一声で また移転。 
岡山駅東側にある西側緑道公園沿いに『GASOLINE PARK』としてスタート。

2006年。 株式会社 バンザイ帝國 設立。

2011年。 2月デニムの聖地倉敷市児島へ移転。 店舗の中に工房も備えパターンから縫製まで一貫して行う。

2012年。 カナダ 大手ジーンズメーカー『NAKED&FAMOUS DENIM』とのコラボジーンズ発売。 米国バーニーズNY等で販売される。

2013年。 コミック『キン肉マン』とのコラボジーンズ発売。

In 1995, we started as a clothing-cum-tattoo shop in a rusty freight container under a girder bridge somewhere in Okayama city.
It was a happy place with a lot of vagrants, musicians, would-be artists, bikers and animals, but we didn’t have any money and couldn’t even find a cool pair of jeans we’d love to wear.
“We can’t find any cool jeans. OK, then why don’t we make a pair?” That was the ridiculous proposal Mr. Kanazawa, the president of our company had, and that was the beginning of our original brand, Kamikaze Attack.
We started making jeans using Okayama denim, put some ads in national magazines and started distributing the jeans here and there all over Japan.

In 2006, someone said, “Wouldn’t it be cool to establish our own company?” We all rashly agreed with it and set up our own company, Banzai Teikoku Company Limited.

In 2011, we moved from Okayama city to Kojima, in Kurashiki city, which is the Mecca of jeans, and restarted as a workshop.

In 2012, we released a collaboration with Naked & Famous Denim from Montreal, and started selling them in Canada and also at Barneys New York in the U.S.

In 2013, we released a collaboration with Kinniku Man, which is one of the most popular anime characters in Japan, well, in the world.
In 2014, we started selling Kamikaze Attack products in Asian countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and some others.

Now we are happy to welcome allied shops who are willing to conquer the world.
Don’t hesitate to contact us (the person in charge: Ms. Noriko Yamane).


SHOP : カミカゼアタック 
〒711-0913 岡山県倉敷市児島味野2-2-66
TEL:086-441-2304 FAX:050-3737-4135